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    SmartFesto is the first international intelligent and technology platform company in the word, focusing on platform-based innovation and integration of intelligent and industrial technology artificial intelligence services.
    It integrates intelligent R&D, intelligent platform, power, soil remediation, water treatment and other industrial and intelligent businesses, links and integrates Homo sapiens, smart people, business districts, alliances, offices, and other platforms, and users can customize them for free with one click. The exclusive cloud platform creates a one-stop international cloud
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    • Smart R&D Platform
    • Intelligent monitoring system
    Smart client
    场景简介:The smart client system includes: smart client, smart client APP. It is attached to the intelligent machine platform of the machine and used for the assembly of various software products within the enterprise, achieves the multi-application intelligent integration, the high efficiency of multi-process free configuration Integrated management system.
    Project Products
    Smart power plant
    Smart power plant
    基准价:¥ 4500000

    Introduction:China Machine Smart System Corportion use the most advanced Guru intelligent technology architecture to build a smart power plant platform to realize: Equipment multi-source data fusion, establishment of equipment check system, online monitoring system, SIS system, EAM system unified equipment management platform, to achieve Different types of unit data are effectively combined.

    Application Scenario
    • Smart Design Platform
    • Smart R&D Platform
    Smart power plant
    场景简介:Introduction:China Machine Smart System Corportion use the most advanced Guru intelligent technology architecture to build a smart power plant platform to realize: Equipment multi-source data fusion, establishment of equipment check system, online monitoring system, SIS system, EAM system unified equipment management platform, to achieve Different types of unit data are effectively combined.
    Successful Cases
  • Hydroelectric power station dam
          In the far-off Central America, the upper reaches of the Amazon River and the middle of the Andes, a hydroelectric power station with a total investment of 2.3 billion US dollars - the Xin Kelei power station officially launched the second wholesale motor unit on November 18, local time, which indicates that the hydropower station has been fully built. . The power generation of four groups of 12 lines and 1.5 million kilowatts has since made the Central American country of Ecuador a power exporter from the power importing country, and the power pattern has changed.

    It is a powerful team from China, China Power Construction, to complete this historic transformation with Ecuador.

    For six years, China Power Construction and Ecuador jointly wrote the first major engineering miracle in the history of foreign investment and construction, and the Xinkelei Power Station is also currently being built and put into operation overseas in China. The largest hydropower station is the landmark project of China's “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

    What have they experienced in the past six years? CCTV has taken you deep into Ecuador to uncover the secret behind the Sinclair hydroelectric power station.

    Signing up: is a test, but also an opportunity

    President Correa participates in the TBM launching ceremony of the Sinclair Power Station

    Cinkley (CCS) hydropower station China Exim Bank loan, Ecuador state-owned company development, Mexican company supervision (consultation), China Power Construction Group's China Hydropower (SINOHYDRO) under the EPC model, China Water International Corporation and the 14th Bureau of Hydropower Construction.

    The power station consists of four parts: the first hub, the water conveyance tunnel, the regulating reservoir and the underground powerhouse. A total of eight high-head impact units of 187,500 kilowatts are arranged.

    On October 5, 2009, after a six-month arduous negotiation between China and Ecuador, the EPC general contract for CCS power station was officially signed.

    Song Dongsheng, the current general manager of China Power Construction International Corporation, directly deployed and directed the "marathon" negotiations at the scene. Recalling the ups and downs of the exciting and negotiating experience, Song Dongsheng is filled with excitement: whether it can grow healthily is a major test for China's hydropower in the South American market and an important opportunity for China's hydropower development.

    The deputy general manager of the 14th Bureau of Hydropower and the general manager of the power station project, Zi Jiquan, said: "This is a huge and complicated project, even if it is implemented in China, it is very difficult, let alone From a regional perspective, the project is located in the mid- to high-end market in South America. There are many local political parties, strong parliaments, and extremely high environmental protection requirements. The project implementation faces legal risks and political risks. Labor risks and environmental risks; from the contract point of view, the project does not adopt the internationally accepted Fidick clause, nor is it different from the local model, but uses a unique version negotiated based on both parties. The contractual agreement is very strict, and the project delay and unit efficiency will not face the standard will face a huge fine.

    At the same time, the main building of the power station is distributed in the virgin forest of more than 80 kilometers long. The battle line is long and difficult to manage; the total contract period is 66 months, and the first batch of four units will generate electricity in the 60th month after the start of construction. The project has a short implementation period and high intensity; many equipment materials and engineering technicians need to be assembled from China and the world, with a large number and large span; the contract language is Spanish, and the Chinese hydropower that is involved in the South American market adapts to the local language and environment. Cultural practices are also a severe test.

    "The mission is glorious and the responsibility is great. We must go all out to organize and implement the "Tongtian Project" of China's hydropower in the South American market!"

    Construction: Establishing "China Standard" in South America

    Underground plant construction scene.

    On July 28, 2010, the power station officially started construction. More than 1,700 Chinese employees and more than 6,000 local laborers have been stationed at the construction site, and the construction of modern large-scale hydropower stations with the largest scale and the highest technical difficulty in Ecuador has begun.

    During the construction process, the Chinese side has overcome a series of technical difficulties, adding “Chinese elements” to a large number of uncontroversial engineering examples, and establishing one “one China standard” in South America.

    The climate of the power station site is complex, "three rains a day." Under this condition, the construction department will process and produce a 26-meter ultra-wide lightweight steel roof truss, and install a geotextile screen after several installations. In the drizzle, the maximum storage capacity of 2,600 cubic meters of concrete is hot and unaffected.

    The No. 2 branch hole with a total length of 1,644.54 meters and a diameter of 10 meters is the key line for excavating a 24/8-km super long water tunnel. The shield machine TBM1 will slide through the hole and dig in the upstream direction. It is located in the volcanic ash accumulation layer, and the surrounding rock is in the form of seepage and sediment. The project department adopts the method of “reserving core soil from top to bottom stratification”, first excavating the upper part of the tunnel, advancing the small duct and the I-beam support, and the pipe shed grouting, and then excavating the lower part of the tunnel. However, the owner did not agree, and the construction plan was fully discussed for 2 days, and the owner only reluctantly agreed to the original construction plan.

    After the success of the 410-meter high-risk tunnel, the owner erected the thumb in front of the facts: Chinese engineers are experienced and amazing!

    Height 50 meters, span 26 meters At the beginning of the excavation of the underground main building, the owner required the full section to be excavated from bottom to top according to the US regulations, and the reinforced concrete large row column was supported. The project department intends to use the domestic mature "rock anchor beam construction technology" to excavate, you argue for me, the two sides discussed for 4 months still no fruit. Under the guidance of Zhou Jianping, the chief engineer of China's electric power construction, after repeated communication, the final owner approved the plan of the project department, but they stressed that all responsibility is the responsibility of the Chinese!

    After the main plant is excavated, the effect Qijia has become the first case of the perfect construction of underground factories in South America.

    "Can fight hard!" China Power Construction has a reputation in South America. Luciano, the general manager of the owner, was very grateful: "Chinese people, only Chinese, can make such a great feat!"

    The first batch of generating electricity on the third day, the Iraqi state burst 7.8 In the great earthquake, the power station withstood the severe test of the strong earthquake and continuously supplied power to the disaster area without any loss. It became the “After the Earthquake” in Ecuador!

    It is worth mentioning that throughout the construction In the process, the Chinese selected a large number of construction machinery from domestic and international well-known enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry, Xuzhou Heavy Industry, and German Herrenknecht. According to statistics, the project has invested a total of 1,174 sets of construction equipment, of which equipment imported from China accounted for 89.22% of the total purchase amount.

    Integration: Winning the hearts of the people into the world

    How can we effectively integrate into the local area and win the sincere trust of the resident people? “Win ​​the hearts of the people to win the market”! Visit China Construction on the construction site General Manager Sun Flood said.

    The Ministry of Projects believes that it is necessary to effectively eliminate the mentality of "getting away and leaving", and form a community of interests, destiny and commonality with the resident government, enterprises, and the people, in order to truly take root, blossom, and develop in the long run.

    In the past six years, the project department has dispatched excellent employees to China to study and exchange, multi-level and all-round training, and hand-to-hands, and has used more than 10,000 employees in Ecuador to train more than 1,000 construction team leaders. There are more than 200 construction technical and management talents at all levels, providing a large number of direct and indirect employment opportunities for the local government. The project leases a large number of construction equipment such as excavation and pouring in surrounding cities and districts, and commutes the employees to work in the local area, and subcontracts a large number of temporary construction projects to local companies, which greatly promotes local economic development.

    During the construction of the power station, China Hydropower introduced a large number of advanced technologies and equipment from the international hydropower industry in Ecuador for the first time, which greatly improved the hydropower construction technology and management level.

    At the same time, during the construction period, China’s hydropower brought about 200 million U.S. dollars in direct tax revenue, effectively expanding the resources of the Eritrean government, and irregularly working with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Labor, the Social Security Bureau, the Ministry of Health and other institutions. Coordination, on-site organization of employees to participate in labor law, social security law, occupational health and industrial safety professional training, and strictly in accordance with the law, to effectively protect the rights and interests of local employees, so that they can do their best, comfort and peace of mind here.

    In the past few years, the project department has invested more than 500,000 US dollars to improve roads, install drinking water pipes, build school guardrails, and donate school supplies. After the devastating earthquake in Ecuador in 2016, China Hydropower donated more than 10,000 US dollars of cash to the people in the disaster-stricken areas for the first time, and established a good image of China's hydropower with good reputation.

    The Xinkelei Power Station is located in the Erguo Second Protection Area and has extremely high environmental requirements. The project department has built a complete production and domestic sewage treatment system in each construction area, and all production and domestic sewage are discharged to the standard.

    In 2013, the International Rivers Environmental Assessment Organization conducted a comprehensive and rigorous environmental survey and environmental assessment of water quality, solid waste, noise, air quality, oil processing, and important organisms. The conclusion is that the sewage of Xinkelai Power Station has reached the standard discharge, and the solid waste is cleaned up in time.

    The mountain road is nowhere to stop, and there are more beautiful scenery to be tomorrow!

    CCS power station has become a model project for Ecuador to introduce Chinese financing and Chinese company construction projects. The controversial "China speed" and "China quality" have caused widespread concern in South America. The successful implementation of the project has also greatly encouraged the confidence of Chinese companies in exploring South America. In 2009, there were only 10 Chinese companies in Ecuador, and it has increased to more than 100 by 2015. At present, 8 hydropower stations have been planned by the Ecuadorian side, and 7 are under the hood of Chinese companies.
  • Guangdong Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Project
    Taishan Nuclear Power Plant is jointly constructed and operated by Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taishan Nuclear Power Company”) jointly invested by China General Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as “CGN”), France Power Group and Yudean Group. The country's largest cooperation project in the energy field. Unit 1 of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant started construction in 2009. It is the third EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) unit that started construction in Finland and France. It has become the world's first EPR. On January 9, 2018, the heads of state of China and France jointly attended the unveiling ceremony of the first EPR project of the EPR unit of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant.   The National Nuclear Safety Administration supervises the whole process of construction of the Taishan nuclear power project, and has a resident supervision agency at the project site to conduct online continuous supervision of the project construction and subsequent operations. Unit 1 of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant passed the five-year safety review by the National Nuclear Safety Director, and has undergone a comprehensive and special review dialogue and consultation with the Expert Committee. Before the first loading, through the comprehensive self-examination of Taishan Nuclear Power Company and the comprehensive inspection and verification organized by the National Nuclear Safety Administration, the environmental impact assessment and related administrative approval procedures were completed, and the National Nuclear Safety Administration issued the first loading to Taishan Unit 1. Ratification.
  • General contracting of flue gas desulfurization project
    国投哈密电厂一期(2×660MW)机组工程为新建工程,建设地点位于新疆维吾尔族自治区哈密市境内大南湖矿区。一期工程建设规模为2×660MW 超临界间接空冷机组,同步建设石灰石-石膏湿法脱硫及SCR工艺脱硝设施,投产后通过哈密—郑州±800KV特高压直流线路将电力送往华中地区。
        工程开工日期      2013年05月30日
        基础开始交安      2013年09月11日
        安装工期          2013年09月11至2014年12月03日
        系统受电          #1 2014年08月02日
                          #2 2014年09月16日
        #1FGD 168结束    2014年11月10日
        #2FGD 168结束    2014年12月10日
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    The sorrows of young Werther
    作者: ‭张丙玺
    简介:"Young Werther's Worries" is the fruitful result of Germany's "Crazy Rushing Movement". When it was published, it swept the entire continent of Europe and set off a "Vite fever." The success of this novel is not just a popular phenomenon, in Goethe's own words: the impact of this little book is huge, amazing, and very good, because it produces the right time. ("Poetry and Truth") Fortunately fortunes, activities are restricted, and their aspirations are not met. These are not the special events, but the unfortunate events that everyone can touch. If a person does not feel that "Witt" is a stage for himself in his life, it is a pity.
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